I understand such fun survival on an alien planet – CryoFall – we’ve already played!

CryoFall is a survival MMO game with PvP in the open world (PvE servers are also planned), reminiscent of a combination of Minecraft, Rust and Don’t Starve Together. The game of survival is the best when we start from scratch, having only two hands and a world full of wealth and danger. Our story begins when we come to a foreign planet as shipwrecked people. Fortunately, it is a lively globe whose atmosphere is breathable and where most plants and animals resemble terrestrial species. It is easy to find food and useful materials from which we will build a house, sew clothes, construct weapons and assemble various types of workshops and equipment.

After reading the introduction to the story, we write the rest of the story ourselves. We start as standard, with nothing but a torch. We construct the first simple tools from stones, sticks and grass picked up from the ground – an ax, a pickaxe and a knife. Various edible plants grow everywhere. Depending on the zone we are currently in, these can be bananas, pineapples, various types of berries, mushrooms, coffee, cactuses etc. Initially, the source of drinking water is special, blue fruit, then we will build a tank or a well. The forests are dense, every tree can be cut down (the trees grow back quickly, so you don’t have to worry about seedlings), so there is where to start building the simplest camp – by the fire we bake meat or mushrooms, a primitive bed will let you know where we will be reborn event of death (you can also choose to be reborn in a random place in the world).

Because we get points for literally every action in the game world, we’ll instantly unlock various skills related to running a farm, constructing buildings, cooking or crafts. Initially, the next abilities fall just by themselves. I was delighted that creating each item was a matter of seconds. After a few previous similar games in which even simple items were produced for long minutes, I was even shocked that everything went so smoothly at CryoFall. What’s more, once we give the order to create something, you don’t have to wait at the workshop, because items appear in your character’s inventory.

Of course, the pace of development slows down over time. Unlocking technology from the first level requires a small number of points. At level 2, access to the selected tree requires 100 points, at level 3 – 250, and at 4 up to 500. There are a lot of various fields in which you can specialize. With enough determination and lots of free time, you can unlock everything – but it’s much better to play with friends and share your specialties. Joining forces is also important because on PvP servers players can easily attack anyone they encounter, so defending against aggressors in the group is easier.
Starting the game on the official server, on which a lot of people had fun, only after a long time I found the right place to build my own house. There were deposits of metals and minerals nearby, so the location seemed pretty good. Of course, other players came up with the same idea, so sometimes I competed in digging for resources. Fortunately, they renew very quickly, so generally we rarely got in the way. The players they encountered were usually kind enough not to attack, but in the end I came across two who decided to make their lives easier and simply grab others. These players quickly dealt with me (unlike me, they had much better equipment and firearms). Because when a character dies, all objects fall out of it, I was robbed of more valuable things. I do not like such solutions – I am not amused by being mean to others or being oppressed – but if someone wants to be pivotal, it is absolutely possible. In the future there will also be PvE servers, so everyone will be able to choose how to have fun, although you can now join quieter community servers or with a little determination put your own server and have the whole game world just for you.

On the official server you can meet developers, ask about various things and learn about the game’s development plans. Ultimately, however, due to the cramped conditions and fears that I will often lose my progress through PvP (both valuable things and some points allocated for the development of technology), I decided to try my luck in a less crowded world and moved to a server where at the same time not 70, and 7 people maximum. It is true that I had to start from scratch developing technology and expanding the “home”, but it paid off. In a smaller group of players it was much easier to make contact with each other, we did not get in the way, I also stopped fearing that after a long collection of raw materials and shuffling points, someone who wants to fight and a few hours of play will be wasted.

What exactly is the goal in CryoFall? Before we decide what to strive for and what to do, the game suggests what to do, giving “missions”. An example mission is to visit all biomes, slaughter various types of animals or build a farm. The missions are awarded sequentially, but – here is another thing that I have to praise the creators for – the challenges are passed backwards, so if I set up a farm before I was given the command to build it, I could immediately collect the prize.
Because the missions required visiting ‘ruins’, I ran a bit around the world before discovering where these ruins were. They look strange, like old research facilities or pieces of cities from another world in the middle of the wilderness. Most often these are radioactive zones, in addition guarded by strong opponents, so venturing there without preparation is a bad idea. Of course, there are boxes with interesting items, e.g. machine parts, medications or seeds, which cannot be obtained otherwise (unless another player acquires them and puts them for sale).

I expected to die often, going to the ruins, so I moved the base near the place I was interested in. I spent the next hours building new walls, a farm, craft tables, collecting tons of raw materials, creating the best gun I could afford and ammunition. With 200 cartridges, I thought it would be enough for a long time. However, it turned out that this is ridiculously little in a battle with scorpions. It is true that you can make a mace and fight, but it does not make sense, because you can not avoid the attacks of opponents (or at least it is very difficult).

After a long and hard struggle I unblocked my way to the boxes. I robbed them, but I did not manage to go beyond the ruins, radiation killed me. Of course, I dropped all items at the place of death. And here the stairs began, how to recover the loot. The character feels weak after death, which means that he dies as soon as he comes into contact with radiation, so you have to wait for him to recover. What’s worse, there is no armor or weapons, so you need to have something in stock at the base or run without equipment. If the character dies again within 3 minutes, he drops the loot again, but this time you either have to wait to be able to wake up in bed or be reborn in a random place in the world. Usually very distant from the point where we would like to be. We only have an hour to raise the dropped booty, so the more the need to wait irritates.

After many attempts and subsequent deaths, I finally managed to recover my belongings. A unique reward was 9 electronic parts (just 1 not enough to build a fridge) and a can of fish. At this point, I felt like turning off the game and not returning to it.

Subsequent trips to the ruins went better, but notoriously lacked cartridges. It began a painstakingly grind, that is, cutting down trees, collecting metal and mineral ores, collecting herbs and mushrooms for medicines, smelting ores in the furnace, creating ammunition, creating new armor and weapons, preparing food. All this to be able to kill a few more creatures and unlock further upgrades. Build a better fridge where food won’t go bad so quickly. Dig in order to be able to dig faster later and make the pick last longer. Gather the weed to get a medicine that gives you a bonus to strength and speed up digging even more.

How many can do the same thing over and over again? I do not know. However, CryoFall has something that just somehow drew me to it – just like Minecraft used to be. Maybe because it’s so easy to grab a piece of land for yourself and build a base as you see. Maybe because resources are not lacking and you can easily find everything you need. Trips to the ruins turned out to be not so terrible if you prepare well, and good loot brought joy. Of course, because it is an MMO, you need to visit your base regularly (preferably every day), otherwise it will start to fall apart by itself – even without the active participation of other players who may want to loot it.

CryoFall turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant game. It has low requirements, it looks nice, it has something to do. On the one hand, you have to spend many hours to unlock everything that is possible to unlock, on the other, the points fly themselves for each activity and you do not even know how and when, and we have what we worked for. You can play on official servers, you can set up your own or join community servers – if you prefer. There are plans for PvE servers, so if you do not like to compete with others – there will be no problem. Definitely worth playing.

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