From car mechanics to second-war planes in Plane Mechanic Simulator

Strangely, repairing aircraft from World War II can be as popular as playing car mechanics. With simulators, they are usually not accompanied by an extensive marketing campaign. These games just appear on the market and if the topic grabs, sales grow rapidly. This was the case with Plane Mechanic Simulator, which did not need too much time to return production costs and gather a large group of recipients around. It didn’t bother that it was only early access. You don’t have to talk much about commercial potential, because it’s obvious. How about playability? Is it worth getting interested in this title right now, wait for the release of the full version, or let it go at all?

Plane Mechanic Simulator is exactly the same mechanics as in the case of Car Mechanic Simulator or Train Mechanic Simulator (only the developer changes, this time it is Disaster Studio, and on the publisher’s side we will find Movie Games). The biggest difference is of course repaired vehicles. This time they are planes. However, there is nothing to count on extensive renovations of large Boeings. Plane Mechanic Simulator focuses on machines from World War II. For now, these are only three planes, which should be considered the first significant minus of the game. More on that later. Now it is worth mentioning that the creators tried to introduce a few flavors from the era into their production. For example, we do not accept orders with a tablet, we only receive a card with information on what to do. After completing the work, you must sign it to confirm the aircraft’s ability to fly. However, this is not symbolic. In Plane Mechanic Simulator we can actually sign with the mouse cursor. Although to save a few seconds you can put a simple dot, I usually tried to draw a signature.

Let’s return to the consequences of a small number of planes (remember that this is early access, a lot can still change). The game is structured in such a way that we first have to perform a number of missions related to one machine to move to the next, more complex one. So, for about 1/3 of the game, we must struggle with one, little-developed plane. This makes the tasks become monotonous, and a small number of parts do not give a big challenge. The creators also did not try with the level of diversity of orders. The lion’s share of those associated with the first aircraft always requires refueling. The mechanics itself is pleasant, but having to do almost the same thing after a few jobs you have to take a break. This is definitely a place where you still need to work a little.

The creators of Plane Mechanic Simulator decided on several smaller or larger simplifications, which in some cases result from the historical period. For example, we don’t buy new parts using a tablet. Instead, we take damaged parts to the truck and collect new ones immediately. Sometimes they can be repaired with always reliable oil. In Plane Mechanic Simulator, the issue of loosening parts was also solved differently. This time we don’t have to hold the mouse button on the screws. Just click and the game will do all the work for us. A convenient, but in some cases annoying solution. For example, to remove the engine flap you have to unscrew a lot of elements. Just click all and then the game will do the rest. Comfortable, right? Unfortunately, with a large number of screws, there is time to grab the phone and check what’s new on social media. The next elements unscrew themselves, but only one after the other. This gives a lot of unnecessary waiting.

The technical condition of the game deserves a little praise. When I started playing right after the premiere, I sometimes found mistakes, but they were not particularly annoying. However, the developer regularly updates its production, thanks to which you can see improvement with every patch. The issue of optimization also looks good. I pay attention to this because it was one of the problems of last year’s Treasure Hunter Simulator, which I also had the opportunity to review. It is also a production from the Movie Games portfolio. It is also worth appreciating that the developers have already added the Polish language version to the game. This is quite an important matter, even for communicative people in English. After all, not always the ability to establish a conversation in this language is synonymous with knowing that a spark plug is a spark plug. This may not be the most difficult example (having basic knowledge of engines and knowing a few words in English can be guessed at translations), but certainly the specialized naming of parts of the aircraft can be a problem for some players.

Plane Mechanic Simulator still suffers from a small number of machines and parts to be repaired. The slight diversity of gameplay, while the lack of fresh ideas is a problem necessary to solve before the premiere of the full version. Most importantly, however, that fixing planes is quite pleasant. This is an effect not only of proven mechanics. I remember my adventures with Train Mechanic Simulator, which I initially went through with great pain. It has only been around the middle of the game that I got into repairing these big machines. In Plane Mechanic Simulator it was not like that, thanks to which I immediately began to have fun. Of course, longer sessions are unlikely, but I’m quite happy anyway.

In the first paragraph of the text I wrote: “Is it worth getting interested in this title right now, wait for the premiere of the full version, or let the topic go?”

Plane Mechanic Simulator is worth reaching now if you are a big fan of this type of game. The Disaster Studio production will definitely meet your expectations. Others can wait for further updates and refining of the game. I believe that on the day of the premiere it will be much more varied and refined. My only concern is only a small composition of the development team. The payroll available in the game shows that most of the work was done by one person. On the other hand, after the very successful debut of Movie Games, it will definitely increase expenditure on further development of the project. Plans for the console version (PS4, Switch and Xbox One) have already been announced. In turn, I completely abandon the topic to those who so far no mechanic simulator has convinced. Plane Mechanic Simulator does not introduce a revolution, and therefore will not attract new customers.

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